A. Sloman

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This paper echoes, from a philosophical standpoint, the c/aim of McCarthy and Hayes that Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence have important relations. Philosophical problems about the use of"intuition" in reasonin~ are related, via a concept of analogical representation, to problems in the simulation of perception, problem-solving and the generation of(More)
This paper is concerned with some methodological and philosophical problems related both to the long-term objective of building human-like robots (like those 'in the movies') and short-and medium-term objectives of building robots with capabilities of more or less intelligent animals. In particular, we claim that organisms are information-processing(More)
High-performance firewalls can benefit from the increasing size, speed and flexibility of advanced reconfig-urable hardware. However, direct translation of conventional firewall rules in a router-based rule set often leads to inefficient hardware implementation. Moreover, such low-level description of firewall rules tends to be difficult to manage and to(More)
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