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This paper echoes, from a philosophical standpoint, the c/aim of McCarthy and Hayes that Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence have important relations. Philosophical problems about the use of"intuition" in reasonin~ are related, via a concept of analogical representation, to problems in the simulation of perception, problem-solving and the generation of(More)
This paper is concerned with some methodological and philosophical problems related both to the long-term objective of building human-like robots (like those 'in the movies') and short-and medium-term objectives of building robots with capabilities of more or less intelligent animals. In particular, we claim that organisms are information-processing(More)
High-performance firewalls can benefit from the increasing size, speed and flexibility of advanced reconfig-urable hardware. However, direct translation of conventional firewall rules in a router-based rule set often leads to inefficient hardware implementation. Moreover, such low-level description of firewall rules tends to be difficult to manage and to(More)
Variations in either the polypeptide sequence or the carbohydrate moieties of transferrin may result in altered electrophoretic mobility of this molecule. We report a case of an allelic (polypeptide) variant of transferrin with mobility similar to that of the beta 2 (sialic acid-depleted) transferrin found in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and a few other body(More)
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