A. Singhal

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— Network Security is the most vital component in information security because it is responsible for securing all information passed through networked computers. Network Security refers to all hardware and software functions, characteristics, features, operational procedures, accountability, measures, access control, and administrative and management policy(More)
The Tyre tread pattern can be described as the systematic mesh of blocks, grooves and spaces, moles and channels drawn into the tread to improve its grip on the road. Tread is the topmost layer of any tyre which contacts on the road and it has its contribution towards mileage, traction, low noise and heat built up properties. It would be meaningful to(More)
Speech is the best way to express one's thoughts. The better quality of speech helps in better communication. Speech enhancement is the method to improve the quality of speech by using algorithms. The main aim of the speech enhancement techniques is to provide noiseless communication. This paper discusses the various methods used for improving the quality(More)
These days mobile devices like phones or tablets are very common among people of all age. They are connected with network and provide seamless communications through internet or cellular services. These devices can be a big help for the people who are not able to communicatie properly and even in emergency conditions. A disabled person who is not able to(More)
The increase in the demand for broadband services and generated traffic, communication networks has motivated the need to implement next generation networks. This paper aims to evaluate the performance of optical networks in multifarious environments. The main idea of this work is to build fictitious multifarious environments that will allow studying and(More)
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