A. Singaravelu

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Let q1 and q2 be univalent in ∆ := {z : |z| < 1} with q1(0) = q2(0) = 1. We give some applications of first order differential subordination and superordination to obtain sufficient conditions for a normalized analytic functions f with f(0) = 0 , f ′(0) = 1 to satisfy q1(z) ≺ zf ′(z) f(z) λ ≺ q2(z).
Natural products play a significant role in human health in relation to the prevention and treatment of inflammatory disorders. In this study, we examined the molecular basis of the anti-inflammatory potential of a diarylheptonoid (DAH) isolated from Alpinia officinarum hexane extract (AOHE) with special emphasis on their ability to modulate the nuclear(More)
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