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Four consecutive one-month campaigns were organised to promote hand hygiene in Belgian hospitals between 2005 and 2011. The campaigns included a combination of reminders in wards, educational sessions for healthcare workers, promotion of alcohol-based hand rub use, increasing patient awareness, and audits with performance feedback. Prior and after each one(More)
Results Voluntary participation and commitment of hospitals was excellent, with participation rates of 95% for acute care hospitals, 65% for chronic care hospitals and 60% for psychiatric hospitals, for all campaigns. Each of the three national hand hygiene campaigns resulted in a significant increase in hand hygiene compliance among HCWs and a higher(More)
Introduction Six campaigns sponsored by the Belgian federal government were organized to promote hand hygiene(HH) in Belgian hospitals between 2005 and 2015. The campaigns combined educational sessions for healthcare workers (HCWs), promotion of alcohol-based hand rubs, patient awareness and audits with performance feedback. Each campaign consisted of a(More)
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