A. Silva Mato

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A 22 table may arise from three types of sampling, depending on the number of previously fixed marginals, and may yield three possible, differing, probabilistic models. From the unconditional point of view each model requires a specific solution but, within each model, the calculation time increases as the test procedure chosen is more powerful, and,(More)
UNLABELLED Pre-slaughter stress has adverse effects on meat quality that can lead to the occurrence of Dark Firm Dry (DFD) meat in cattle. This study explores the previously uncharacterized proteome changes linked to pre-slaughter stress in the longissimus thoracis (LT) bovine muscle. Differential proteome profiles of DFD and normal (non-DFD) LT meat(More)
Garlic is known as a potent spice and a medicine with broad therapeutic properties ranging from antibacterial to anticancer, antidiabetic, and anticoagulant. Two major proteins of 40 KD and 14 KD constituting approximately 96% of total garlic proteins have been recently purified at our Institute. This immunocytochemical and ultrastructural study revealed(More)
Unconditional non-asymptotic methods for comparing two independent binomial proportions have the drawback that they take a rather long time to compute. This problem is especially acute in the most powerful version of the method (Barnard, 1947). Thus, despite being the version which originated the method, it has hardly ever been used. This paper presents(More)
Proteome changes in the longissimus thoracis bovine muscle in response to pre-slaughter stress were assessed on the basis of two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) data. In this study, the bootstrap resampling statistical technique and a new measure of relative change of the volume of 2-DE protein spots are shown to be more efficient than commonly used(More)
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