A. Shoulaie

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This paper presents a method for commutation torque ripple reduction in brushless DC motor (BLDCM) drives. Commutation torque ripple depends on the current ripple. In the proposed method, by adding an extra voltage source to the non-commutating phase, current ripple and so commutation torque ripple is suppressed. The current ripple of BLDC motor in(More)
This paper presents methods for analyzing and reducing commutation torque ripple of brushless DC (BLDC) motors in 120° elec. conduction mode. Due to voltage vector changes in every 60° elec. in BLDC drives, the current is commutated from one phase to another which results in electromagnetic torque fluctuations called commutation torque ripple.(More)
In this paper, direct torque control of two-phase induction motors fed by twoand three-leg inverters is analyzed. Essential equations for controlling electromagnetic torque and stator flux are presented and switching tables are derived. It's demonstrated that basic method is unable to control the electromagnetic torque properly. The way of changing the(More)
This paper investigated influence of load type, operational mode and modulation index on the SHEM current source inverter. For this purpose an inverter designed and constructed which can be operated in single and three phase mode with any number of harmonics elimination capability. In current source inverters with resistive-inductive loads, over voltages in(More)
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