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This study evaluated the effects of the daytime nap on performance, mood and physiological measures in aged individuals Participants were six healthy aged persons (M=72.2 years old) who habitually napped in the afternoon three or more times a week. They participated under two conditions with an interval of 1 week. In the nap condition, the subjects went to(More)
This study investigated the effects of a short afternoon nap (<30 min) in the elderly on subjective mood, performance and electroencephalograms (EEG). Ten healthy elderly persons who habitually napped in the afternoon three or more times a week participated in the present study. They participated in two experimental conditions with an interval of more than(More)
This study investigates the relationship between the level of daytime activities and nocturnal sleep in the elderly using the wrist actigraph and ambulatory polysomnograph system. Five male and five female subjects (mean age = 73.8+/-3.05 years; range 69-77 years) participated in this study. The level of daytime activity was positively correlated with the(More)
A 26-week-old female cerebellar vermis defect (CVD) rat, a mutant with cerebellar vermis defect and cerebellar dysplasia, developed a brain tumor about 10 mm in diameter. Histopathologically, the tumor consisted of diffuse proliferation of small round to ovoid cells with hyperchromatic nuclei, occasionally containing round to strap-shaped myoblastic cells.(More)
The present study investigated the relationship among volitional lifestyle, activity and sleep in the aged. We selected 28 subjects over 65 years of age to survey volition to lifestyle. High-volitional group (14 Ss, mean age: 74.1 years, seven males and seven females) and low-volitional group (14 Ss, mean age: 73.0 years, seven males and seven females) were(More)
The hereditary cerebellar vermis defect rat (CVD) is a new neurological mutant characterized by cerebellar vermis defect and a dysplastic cerebellum, especially in the cerebello-pontine junctions. In this study, the cytokinetics of neuronal migrations in the CVD were analyzed using 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BrdU) as a labeling marker. From embryonic day 21,(More)
This study investigates the relationship between a volitional lifestyle and sleep-life habits in the aged. High volitional group (HVG: n=45, 26 men and 19 women, mean age 73.0 years) and low-volitional group (LVG: n=45, 27 men and 18 women, mean age 72.2 years) were grouped using the scale of self-confidence. It was found that high volitional aged(More)
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