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The adverse reactions to contrast media have been investigated by several authors but the exact mechanisms have not yet been established. To study whether kinin-releasing systems are involved in these adverse reactions, we determined total plasma kininogen levels at intervals up to 30 minutes after the intravenous injections of contrast media in dogs.(More)
The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the efficacy and limitation of the non-quantitative analysis of renography using 99mTc-DTPA, and to determine the clinical indication of the quantitative analysis of the study. We evaluated the clinical records of the patients and the findings of dynamic imagings and renograms. The non-quantitative analysis of the(More)
Twenty-seven cases of colorectal carcinoma were evaluated by 67Ga-scintigraphy on the basis of clinicopathologic viewpoint. On each cases, 67Ga-scintigraphy was performed just before the operation, and resected specimen was also examined after the operation. In 17 cases (63%), the lesions were demonstrated on preoperative 67Ga-scintigraphy, on the other(More)
Nine cases (4 men and 5 women, ranging in age from 39 to 73 years with a mean age of 51 years) of cerebello-pontine angle tumors were evaluated by cerebral blood flow scintigraphy on the basis of clinico-functional anatomy. In the 4 of 5 cases in which the middle cerebellar peduncle was compressed by the mass, definite hypoperfusion was revealed in the(More)
Transcatheter arterial infusion chemotherapy is one of the most useful therapeutic procedures for gynecologic malignancies. Recently, several reports have been published about Angiotensin II-induced hypertension chemotherapy and the efficacy of the method, but there have been no reports to evaluate an application for gynecologic malignancies. We evaluate(More)
Mixed Müllerian Tumor (M.M.T.) is a rare malignant neoplasm usually arising from uterine body in postmenoposal woman, and imaging diagnosis for the tumor has not been established. A 45-year-old female with pathologically confirmed M.M.T. was evaluated by 67Ga-citrate scintigraphy and CT on the basis of imaging diagnosis. 67Ga-citrate scintigraphy detected(More)
In pelvic CT, several techniques (appropriate preparations) have been reported for the optimal diagnostic imagings. We demonstrated the usefulness and limitations of "Air Enema", which is one of preparations for hollow viscera in pelvic CT examination. From Oct. 1986 to Mar. 1987, 38 patients with gynecological abnormalities were evaluated by consecutive(More)
Clinical usefulness of 67Ga-citrate scintigraphy for the diagnosis of colorectal carcinoma was reappraised at the standpoint of clinicopathological diagnosis. Fifty-eight patients with colonic carcinoma were subjected to this study. They underwent 67Ga scintigraphy before surgery. Colorectal carcinomas were detected in 38 patients, 65.5% by this procedure.(More)