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In the present study, we have investigated the mechanism underlying the activation by 5-amino-N-[2-(2-chlorophenyl)ethyl]-N'-cyano-3- pyridinecarboxamidine (KRN4884), a new K+ channel opener, of ATP-sensitive K+ (KATP) channels in single ventricular cells of guinea pig hearts by the inside-out patch-clamp method. In the presence of intracellular ATP (1 mM),(More)
Life-prolonging energy restriction (ER) has been known to extend longevity. The heart was selected as the target organ of ER and the electrophysiological properties of ER on the heart were investigated. Action potential parameters were measured on ventricular papillary muscles of C57BL/6 mice (2-6 months of age). Resting membrane potential (Rm) did not(More)
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