A. Shibata

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We have previously shown that myelin-associated glycoprotein (MAG) inhibits neurite growth from a neuronal cell line. In this study we show that 60% of axonal growth cones of postnatal day 1 hippocampal neurons collapsed when they encountered polystyrene beads coated with recombinant MAG (rMAG). Such collapse was not observed with denatured rMAG. Neurite(More)
Rat cortical neurons cultured in conditioned media from human monocyte-derived macrophages (MDM) show increased neuronal protein synthesis, neurite outgrowth, mitogen-activating protein kinase activity, and synaptic function. Neurotrophic properties of human MDM-conditioned media are significantly enhanced by human peripheral nerve and to a more limited(More)
During central nervous system development, neurons differentiate distinct axonal and dendritic processes whose outgrowth is influenced by environmental cues. Given the known intrinsic differences between axons and dendrites and that little is known about the response of dendrites to inhibitory cues, we tested the hypothesis that outgrowth of differentiating(More)
BACKGROUND Combination antiretroviral (AR) therapy continues to be the mainstay for HIV treatment. However, antiretroviral drug nonadherence can lead to the development of resistance and treatment failure. We have designed nanoparticles (NP) that contain three AR drugs and characterized the size, shape, and surface charge. Additionally, we investigated the(More)
The neuronal growth cone has as one of its primary functions the role of guiding the elongating neurite to its appropriate target. The events during pathfinding require that the neuronal growth cone responds to particular molecules in the environment by making appropriate changes in the behavior of the growth cone. This paper discusses the role of(More)
Vaginal HIV transmission accounts for the majority of new infections worldwide. Currently, multiple efforts to prevent HIV transmission are based on pre-exposure prophylaxis with various antiretroviral drugs. Here, we describe two novel nanoformulations of the reverse transcriptase inhibitor rilpivirine for pericoital and coitus-independent HIV prevention.(More)
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Confocal fluorescence microscopy: An ultra-sensitive tool used to evaluate intracellular antiretroviral nano-drug delivery in HeLa cells" (2015). In the last decade, confocal fluorescence microscopy has emerged as an ultra-sensitive tool for real-time study of nanoparticles (NPs) fate at the cellular-level. According to WHO 2007 report, Human(More)
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