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Timed performance in specific motor tasks is an essential component of a neurological examination applied to children with motor dysfunctions. This article provides centile curves describing normal developmental course and interindividual variation of timed performances of non-disabled children from 5 to 18 years. In a cross-sectional study (n=662) the(More)
Using data from the first Zurich Longitudinal Growth Study characteristics of the growth of six variables--bihumeral width, biiliac width, standing height, sitting height, leg height and arm length--are studied. The main interest is in differences between boys and girls, and across variables and in particular in whether there are sex differences that are(More)
Based on the data of the First Zurich Longitudinal Growth Study we investigate how interindividual differences in adult size arise in the variables leg height, sitting height and standing height, arm length, bi-iliac width and bihumeral width. Specifically, we are also interested in the question of whether across sexes and variables the same growth phases(More)
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