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Smart grid is a modified form of electrical grid where generation, transmission, distribution and customers are not only connected electrically but also through strong communication network with each other as well as with market, operation and service provider. For achieving good communication link among them, it is very necessary to find suitable protocol.(More)
PURPOSE OF STUDY The aim of this study was to characterize the central-autonomic interaction underlying the multifractality in heart rate variability (HRV) of healthy humans. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eleven young healthy subjects participated in two separate ~40 min experimental sessions, one in supine (SUP) and one in, head-up-tilt (HUT), upright (UPR) body(More)
The coexistence of the broad-band fluctuation and α rhythm of the brain dynamics is studied based on the zero-crossing property of the local electroencephalographic (EEG) recording in eyes closed and eyes open. A two-component zero-crossing scenario, consisting of a broad-band fractal and narrow-band rhythm components, is assumed. Scaling is found in the(More)
This survey investigates recent " time interleaved analog to digital converters (TI-ADCs) " mismatches correction techniques. It includes each technique performance evaluation on the basis of SNDR, SFDR, Frequency and Input signal. Many algorithms have been developed over the past two decades, mainly emphasizing on the digital calibration of TI-ADCs(More)
PURPOSE GATE is a Monte Carlo (MC) simulation toolkit based on the Geant4 package widely used for many medical physics applications. The latest version of GATE extends its applications to radiotherapy. Aim of the current study is to evaluate the validity of the code for accurate brachytherapy dosimetry, since this is a prerequisite for its integration(More)
Face recognition has been in spot light for last few decades by keeping in view its increasing usage in real world applications, still challenges are there to meet, especially in real world applications. A lot of work has been reported on face recognition during the recent decades, some of which have also come up with their modifications. This paper(More)
PURPOSE Calibration curve (CC) for EBT2 film dosimeters is mainly dependend on film batch, film scanning and analysis conditions. CC errors are translated to 2D dosimetry errors. Aiim of study is to present a methodology for using EBT2-films for accurate 2D relative dose measurements without need of an accurate CC. METHODS A batch of EBT2 films has been(More)
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