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Rapid deterioration of the malaria situation set in after 1990, when 22 cases were reported. The number increased to 667 in 1994, 2840 in 1995 and reached 13,135 in 1996. The main reason for the deterioration was a sharp worsening of socioeconomic conditions and the displacement of nearly one million people from war-stricken zones. With international(More)
The diphtheria epidemic in the former Soviet Union reached Azerbaijan in 1991, when 66 cases of diphtheria were reported, a number that compared with 4 cases in 1990. From 1990-1996, 2182 cases of diphtheria and 286 diphtheria fatalities (case fatality rate: 13.1%) were reported in Azerbaijan, primarily among persons 5-39 years of age. Almost 45% of cases(More)
The outbreak of cholera in the Pushkino District of the Azerbaijan SSR, caused by the penetration of Vibrio cholerae into the water of the irrigation system, is described. Altogether 2 cholera patients and 39 Vibrio carriers were detected. The etiological agent of this infection was V. cholerae eltor, serovar Ogawa, with typical phenotype characteristics.(More)
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