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The Mansouri-Sexl theory is a well known test theory of relativity, alongside with the Standard Model Extension it is the golden standard for testing the predictions of special relativity. Mansouri and Sexl dealt with the theory of the Michelson-Morley, Kennedy-Thorndike and Ives-Stilwell experiments but left out the very interesting Sagnac experiment. In(More)
  • A. Sfarti
  • IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement
  • 2010
In the above paper [1], an extraordinary claim of experimental absence of the transverse Doppler effect is made. As stated in the abstract, “An experiment . . . showing that a 33-GHz microwave signal received by rotating antennas is not exhibiting the frequency shift (“transverse Doppler effect”) predicted by the relativistic Doppler formula.” In this(More)
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