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The Indian Banks collects huge amount of data which the banks are unable to turn into fast transaction and also unable to maintain and utilize it in a proper manner. Other problems are also occurring w. r. t. the reusability of the system in a different environment designed by the developer. Nowadays we are focusing upon interoperability of database and(More)
Immobilized enzymes have great significance for industrial processes. In this study whole cell immobilization of Rhodococcus pyridinivorans NIT-36 has been undertaken using chitosan microspheres as an immobilized matrix. R. pyridinivorans NIT-36 harbors a significant intracellular enzyme nitrilase. Chitosan microspheres were generated by supplementing(More)
We describe a case of a vesico-vaginal fistula in a 32-year-old lady presenting with true urinary incontinence. There was a 1.5×1.5 cm deficit in the bladder wall and the left ureteric orifice was very close to the edge of the defect. For a successful transvaginal repair, we used a mobilized vaginal flap to bridge the defect in the bladder wall. This(More)
Today Banking System Combating with immerse competition are targeting the agile transaction, maintain in database and Customer satisfaction . In this paper we have used MDA approach towards Multi-dimensional database to leverage of impact factor like resolve the matter of inefficiency, transaction time, decrease maintenance cost, Customer satisfaction,(More)
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