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[1] The NASA Discovery Moon Mineralogy Mapper imaging spectrometer was selected to pursue a wide range of science objectives requiring measurement of composition at fine spatial scales over the full lunar surface. To pursue these objectives, a broad spectral range imaging spectrometer with high uniformity and high signal‐to‐noise ratio capable of measuring(More)
In many finite element modelling problems such as shell analysis, structural considerations require simplification of the solid model. The detailed geometry of large components or structures is often too complex to use with current computer technology. Even for not too complex models, there is usually a requirement for the rapid analysis of idealised models(More)
A heterogeneous computing environment characterizes today's manufacturing situation. This is a stumbling block for the efficient implementation of manufacturing concepts such as integrated product and process design (IPPD). A computing environment for IPPD would require the seamless integration of the various product and process design software systems. The(More)