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The deployment of electronic data storage tags that are surgically implanted or satellite-linked provides marine researchers with new ways to examine the movements, environmental preferences, and physiology of pelagic vertebrates. We report the results obtained from tagging of Atlantic bluefin tuna with implantable archival and pop-up satellite archival(More)
We analyzed the movements of Atlantic tuna (Thunnus thynnus L.) in the Mediterranean Sea using data from 2 archival tags and 37 pop-up satellite archival tags (PAT). Bluefin tuna ranging in size from 12 to 248 kg were tagged on board recreational boats in the western Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea between May and September during two different periods(More)
  • Stokesbury, M J W Teo, R K Block, Turner, S C Restrepo, Medina +54 others
  • 2005
Movement of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) as determined by satellite tagging experiments initiated off New England. Validation of geolocation estimates based on light level and sea surface temperature from electronic tags. In situ cardiac performance of Pacific bluefin tuna hearts in response to acute temperature change. A review of the growth(More)
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