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After 16 h nocturnal deprivation of food, male Wistar rats were irradiated by a single whole body dose of 2.40 Gy X-rays. Both the irradiated and sham-irradiated (control) rats were pair-fed for the first six days after irradiation, but for the rest of the time they were fed ad libitum. Lipoprotein lipase activity (LPLA) in the adipose tissue fell between(More)
The incorporation of 14C from [U-14C] glucose and 3H from 3H2O into the total lipids fatty acids and glycogen of the liver incorporation of 3H from 3H2O into blood glucose was studied in rats totally irradiated in a dose of 14.4 Gy. It is shown that in the liver of irradiated rats glucose is accumulated in considerable amounts as glycogen but it is slightly(More)
Apoptosis or programmed cell death is a physiological process which occurs at different biological states as well as at disease process. Morphologically it is characterized by the chromatine condensation and other changes with preserved integrity of plasmatic membrane. The major and most frequently studied biochemical characteristic of apoptosis is a DNA(More)
Irradiation with fractionated doses is a specific form of stress and the data concerning these problems are topical for recent radiobiology, radiology and oncology. Interest in this present paper is focused on tissue glycogenesis and lipogenesis from U-14C-glucose in vivo in rats irradiated with fractionated doses of 2.39 Gy once a week. Analyses were done(More)
Gastric lipase (GL) plays an important role in emulsification and digestion of food fat. Lipids are components of the hydrophobic mucus and mucosa barrier. Damage of the gastric mucosa may therefore be related to changes in the lipid content and GL activity. In the present paper, we studied the effect of administration of a single dose of 96 % ethanol (E)(More)
Adult male Wistar rats were continuously irradiated for 30 days on an experimental field from a 60Co source or radiation. Lipoprotein lipase activity was determined in their adipose tissue, heart and liver at intervals of 1, 3, 7, 14, 21 and 30 days from the beginning of irradiation and triacylglycerol, total cholesterol, phospholipid and non-esterified(More)
The effect of adaptation to intermittent feeding on the in vivo biosynthesis of fatty acids and total lipids in the epididymal adipose tissue, the liver and the bone marrow was studied in adult male mice (CBA/JPh x C57BL@10 ScSnPh)F1. At the same time the effects of the same experimental stimulus on the rate of regeneration (proliferation) of bone marrow(More)