A. Scott Howe

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The majority of automated construction research and development has been bottom-up, from the construction / engineering side rather than top-down from the design end The first part of this paper is devoted to the design of a research programme which seeks to address topics related to the conceptual design of robotic systems for construction, and developing(More)
Heat stroke in athletes is entirely preventable. Exertional heat illness is generally the result of increased heat production and impaired dissipation of heat. It should be treated aggressively to avoid life-threatening complications. The continuum of heat illness includes mild disease (heat edema, heat rash, heat cramps, heat syncope), heat exhaustion, and(More)
Two members of the matrix metalloproteinase family of enzymes, interstitial collagenase and 92-kDa gelatinase, have been implicated in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis and tumor metastasis. In order to characterize the activities of these enzymes, we have developed a fluorogenic peptide substrate which is efficiently hydrolyzed by both enzymes. This(More)
Cellular automata in the two-dimensional (2-D) world have been used to simulate self-replicating structures based on natural biological systems, evolution, and emergence. In self-replication, large structures consisting of multiple cells are programmed to make copies of themselves using the rule-based systems upon which the cellular automata are governed.(More)
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