A. Schubert

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References published since 1960 that report analyses of selenium in foods were collected and evaluated according to criteria in five categories: number of samples, analytical method, sample handling, sampling plan, and analytical quality control. Data were grouped by food item and rated according to the criteria that had been developed specifically for(More)
In this paper we show, that the statistical qualities of cryptographic basic operations are the reason for the excellent pseudorandom testability of cryptographic processor cores. For the examination typical basic operations of modern cryptographic algorithms are categorized in classes and analyzed regarding their pseudorandom properties. Exemplary, a(More)
This paper presents a crypto-specific reuse library. The concept of the library is characterized by modularity and flexibility. The library contains so-called cryptographic virtual components (CVC). These are soft cores based on modern symmetric block encryption algorithms. The CVCs have a hierarchical structure, which consists of an algorithm core and two(More)
Cognitive modeling of response time distributions has seen a huge rise in popularity in individual differences research. In particular, several studies have shown that individual differences in the drift rate parameter of the diffusion model, which reflects the speed of information uptake, are substantially related to individual differences in intelligence.(More)
Worst performance in cognitive processing tasks shows larger relationships to general intelligence than mean or best performance. This so called Worst Performance Rule (WPR) is of major theoretical interest for the field of intelligence research, especially for research on mental speed. In previous research, the increases in correlations between task(More)
Observers often miss visual changes in the environment when they co-occur with other visual disruptions. This phenomenon is called change blindness. Previous research has shown that change blindness increases with age. The aim of the current study was to explore the role of post-perceptual stimulus processing in age differences. Therefore, the P3 component(More)
Research on reasoning and judgment often uses problems where intuition and deliberation are in conflict, suggesting different solutions. In four studies, change detection was used to investigate whether biased responses to these problems are a consequence of faulty problem-solving or whether they can start earlier, from misrepresenting the information in(More)