A. Schroeder

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OBJECTIVES To examine the influence of in vivo hydrolysis on the physical properties of polyester grafts and their correlation to the period of implantation in the human body. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty-five explanted vascular grafts were obtained after 0-23 years of implantation due to suture aneurysms (18), occlusion (12), graft infection (12), failure(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate donor demographics, trends in donor tissue procurement and tissue storage over a long period. METHODS A retrospective, longitudinal, descriptive analysis was undertaken of data from the Hamburg Eye Bank Data Base (HEB-DB) that had been collected between 1981 and 2010. Data on 54 parameters of cornea donors [including clinical history,(More)
The first generation of troponin T ELISA (TnT 1) can yield false-positive results in patients with severe skeletal muscle injury. Therefore, a cardiac-specific second-generation troponin T ELISA (TnT 2) was developed, in which the cross-reactive antibody 1B10 has been replaced by a high-affinity cardiac-specific antibody M11.7. No cross-reactivity of TnT 2(More)
According to clinical observations, cardiogenic embolism occurs more often in the anterior than in the posterior cerebral circulation. An ultrasound (US) contrast agent was used to artificially produce microembolic signals (MES) to imitate the intracranial distribution of systemic emboli. Systemic microemboli were simulated by IV administered US agent(More)
Für retinale Arterienverschlüsse gibt es keine Standardtherapie. Ziel dieser Studie war es, Daten über die Visusentwicklung unter Heparin mit Ergebnissen unter Hämodilution zu vergleichen. Für den Zeitraum von 1991 bis 2000 wurden retrospektiv Daten bei 139 Patienten mit retinalen Arterienverschlüssen untersucht. Die festgestellten Risikofaktoren wurden(More)
Fragestellung. Inwieweit wird die Farbwahrnehmung bei Patienten mit einer arteriellen Hypertonie beeinflusst? Patienten und Methoden. Untersucht wurden 35 Patienten (w:m=14:21, Durchschnittsalter 52±11 Jahre) mit einer arteriellen Hypertonie ohne Endorganschäden im Vergleich zu eine Kontrollgruppe mit 62 Gesunden (w:m=34:28, Durchschnittsalter 49±9 Jahre).(More)
From 1981 to 1989, 695 patients with an infrarenal aortic aneurysm underwent surgery. In 114 cases the aneurysm was ruptured. The late results demonstrated, that after successful operation a patient's subsequent course was similar to that after an elective operation. Infarct and insult were the main causes of death in the postoperative period. Sonographic(More)
217 patients with 349 popliteal aneurysms (PA) were studied. 45% presented with symptomatic complications, mainly thrombosis (21% acute, 15% chronic) and embolisation (7%). The mean diameter was significantly larger in acutely thrombosed (2.69 cm) than in patent PA (2.15 cm). The amputation rate in patients requiring emergency treatment was 36.1% after 2(More)