A Schneider-Gädicke

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The ZFY gene in the sex-determining region of the human Y chromosome encodes a protein with 13 zinc fingers, and may determine whether an embryo develops as a male or female. ZFX, a related gene on the human X chromosome, may also function in sex determination; it encodes a protein with a very similar zinc-finger domain and escapes X inactivation. ZFY and(More)
The ZFX gene on the human X chromosome is structurally similar to the ZFY gene, which may constitute the sex-determining signal on the human Y chromosome. ZFY and ZFX diverged from a common ancestral gene, as evidenced by similarities in their intron/exon organization and exon DNA sequences. The carboxy-terminal exons of ZFY and ZFX both encode 13 zinc(More)
We recently reported the transcription patterns of human papillomavirus (HPV) type 18 sequences in human cervical carcinoma cell lines. The open reading frames (ORFs) E6* and E6 represent the 5'-terminal cistrons in HPV18 mRNAs. ORF E6* was assumed to be specific for HPV types associated with genital carcinomas. To identify the predicted gene product, ORF(More)
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