Q. Chu-LaGraff1
S. Hopf-Jensen1
B. Agricola1
M.-L. Kruse1
1Q. Chu-LaGraff
1S. Hopf-Jensen
1B. Agricola
1M.-L. Kruse
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  • Q. Chu-LaGraff, A. Schmid, J. Leidel, G. Bro¨nner, H. Ja¨ckle, C.Q. Doe
  • 1995
huckebein encodes a putative zinc finger protein expressed in a subset of Drosophila CNS precursors, including the NB 4-2/GMC 4-2a/RP2 cell lineage. In huckebein mutant embryos, GMC 4-2a does not express the cell fate marker EVEN-SKIPPED; conversely, huckebein overexpression produces a duplicate EVEN-SKIPPED-positive GMC 4-2a. We use Dil to trace the entire(More)
Pancreatic stellate cells have been investigated mostly for their activation process, supposed to support the development of pancreatic disease. Few studies have been presented on reversal of the activation process in vitro. Thiazolidinediones (TZDs) have been used as antidiabetics and have now been reported to exert antifibrotic activity. We tested effects(More)
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