A. Schiller

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Today, molecules can perform Boolean operations and circuits at a level of higher complexity. However, concatenation of logic gates and inhomogeneous inputs and outputs are still challenging tasks. Novel approaches for logic gate integration are possible when chemical programming and software programming are combined. Here it is shown that a molecular(More)
A method to integrate an (in principle) unlimited number of molecular logic gates to construct complex circuits is presented. Logic circuits, such as half- or full-adders, can be reinterpreted by using the functional completeness of the implication function (IMP) and the trivial FALSE operation. The molecular gate IMP is represented by a fluorescent boronic(More)
In the title compound, [Cu(C(6)H(9)N(3))(2)](PF(6))(2), the Cu atom is located on a crystallographic center of inversion. The coordination environment of the Cu atom is square-planar with two amino and two imidazole N atoms bonded to the metal in a trans configuration.
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