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In single crystal silicon (SCSi) MST devices, crystalline imperfection is recognized to favor failure. Defects are introduced by DRIE etching which is commonly used in SCSi structuring. However, thermal annealing improves the crystal quality. High resolution X-ray diffraction methods such as the rocking curve method and reciprocal space mapping can monitor(More)
New methods are needed in microsystems technology for evaluating microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) because of their reduced size. The assessment and characterization of mechanical and structural relations of MEMS are essential to assure the long-term functioning of devices, and have a significant impact on design and fabrication. Within this study a(More)
Related to the dramatically smaller volume of microelectromecanical systems (MEMS), new methods in testing and qualification are needed. On single crystal silicon (SCSi) based devices, stress and loading in operation introduces defects during the MEMS life time and increases the risk of failure. Reliability studies on potential failure sources have an(More)
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