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The existing optical microscopes form an image by collecting photons emitted from an object. Here we report on the experimental realization of microscopy without the need for direct optical communication with the sample. To achieve this, we have scanned a single gold nanoparticle acting as a nanoantenna in the near field of a sample and have studied the(More)
A new discrete non-reflecting boundary condition for the time-dependent Maxwell equations describing the propagation of an electromagnetic wave in an infinite homogenous lossless rectangular waveguide with perfectly conducting walls is presented. It is derived from a virtual spatial finite difference discretization of the problem on the unbounded domain.(More)
The motion of human wrist is a complex and multidirectional process. The aim of this study was to develop a reliable and practicable method to measure motion impairment of the wrist in patients who incurred a scaphoid nonunion. A scaphoid nonunion in computed tomography as well as the consent in this study was required. A total of nine patients with(More)
An important limitation in the field of immunohistochemistry (IHC) is the inability to correlate stain intensity with specific analyte concentrations. Clinical immunohistochemical tests are not described in terms of analytic response curves, namely, the analyte concentrations in a tissue sample at which an immunohistochemical stain (1) is first visible, (2)(More)
Clinical Immunohistochemistry (IHC) laboratories face unique challenges in performing accurate and reproducible immunostains. Among these challenges is the use of homemade controls derived from pathological discard samples. Such positive controls have an unknown number of analyte molecules per cell (epitope density). It is unclear how the lack of defined(More)
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