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Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios ( 13C/ 12 C and 15N/14 N) of in situ dominant primary producers and consumers were investigated to assess the impact on a natural ecosystem of a land-based fish farm along the south-western coast of Sicily (Italy). The putatively impacted area close to the farm along outfall was compared with other locations at(More)
Genomes can be described as a collection of clusters, the gene families, whose members are called paralogs. Paralogs are genes that most probably share duplication history and show a significant similarity in their sequences, even if they perform slightly different biological function. Among the different mechanisms that have led to an increase of the(More)
We describe the natural course and the management of a very rare combined intrauterine and ovarian pregnancy after IVF/ET. The rarity of heterotopic and ovarian pregnancies, with the etiologic, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of this rare case are reported.
BACKGROUND Work-related rotator cuff injuries are a common cause of disability and employee time loss. PURPOSE To examine the effectiveness of expedited rotator cuff surgery in injured workers who underwent rotator cuff decompression or repair and to explore the impact of demographic, clinical, and psychosocial factors in predicting the outcome of(More)
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