A. Sauret

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We report a new method to display the minute fluctuations induced by syringe pumps on microfluidic flows by using a liquid-liquid system with an ultralow interfacial tension. We demonstrate that the stepper motor inside the pump is a source of fluctuations in microfluidic flows by comparing the frequencies of the ripples observed at the interface to that of(More)
Control of fluid dynamics at the micrometer scale is essential to emulsion science and materials design, which is ubiquitous in everyday life and is frequently encountered in industrial applications. Most studies on multiphase flow focus on oil-water systems with substantial interfacial tension. Advances in microfluidics have enabled the study of multiphase(More)
In this work, we report the excitation of inertial waves in a librating sphere even for libration frequencies where these waves are not directly forced. This spontaneous generation comes from the localized turbulence induced by the centrifugal instabilities in the Ekman boundary layer near the equator and does not depend on the libration frequency. We(More)
We characterize the different morphologies adopted by a drop of liquid placed on two randomly oriented fibers, which is a first step toward understanding the wetting of fibrous networks. The present work reviews previous modeling for parallel and touching crossed fibers and extends it to an arbitrary orientation of the fibers characterized by the tilting(More)
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Microfluidic devices can be used to produce highly controlled and monodisperse double or multiple emulsions. The presence of inner drops inside a jet of the middle phase introduces deformations in the jet, which leads to breakup into monodisperse double emulsions. However, the ability to generate double emulsions can be compromised when the interfacial(More)
Amineptine is a new tricyclic compound with a grafted long aliphatic chain active on Dopamine synaptic release and as such more desinhibitor, safer and short acting. The study was coordinated by a national and 13 local counsellors. It was an open study. Inclusions criteria and results are examined, making obvious that patients responded well according to(More)
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