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The aim of this work was to study possibilities of using microbiological broadspectrum inhibitor test (Delvotest T) for express estimation of antibiotic residues in bovine milk. For quantitative estimation the waste-milk samples were stepwise diluted (dilution array) by antibiotic-free milk until negative test result was achieved. Another objective was to(More)
Bovine colostrum is potentially valuable source of essential fatty acids (FAs), but so far only few studies have made the effort to estimate FA composition of this potential resource. The aim of current research was to fill this gap with selecting and validating an accurate procedure for the analysis of the composition of the FAs in bovine colostrum. We(More)
In the traditional process of lactose production from cheese whey crystallization temperature is reached by slow cooling. Lactose morphology obtained in this way has been well investigated. The objective of this work was to study morphological parameters of lactose crystals during crystallization at low temperatures, using rapid and extra rapid cooling.(More)
The objectives of this study were to investigate size distribution of fat globules, fat and protein content in Estonian goat milk. The bulk milk samples were collected from three different crossbreed goat herds. These herds consist of 30% of the Saanen breed and 70% did not belong to any certain breed. Lactation of goats was scattered over the year. Goat(More)
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