A. Satheesh

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Network processors (NPs) are programmable multi-processor devices that offer both the flexibility and speed required for the network packet processing applications. Current NP systems do not simultaneously deal well with fluctuating workloads. Because of the traffic fluctuations inherent in packet networks, the workload on each pipeline stage in NP may vary(More)
The auxiliary switch control using a neuro fuzzy technique is proposed to enhance the efficiency of bidirectional converter used in electric vehicle which performs soft switching. Continuous current data are difficult to obtain during a resonant operation due to limit of DSP ADC capacity. The auxiliary switch control has a lookup table reference of the turn(More)
Maintaining system stability is one of the most critical problems in power system. Mainly, the stability problems arise when any fault occurs in the system or due to sudden increase in the load power. Thus, to maintain the stability of the system, different types of controllers are used in the literature; among them FACTS controller plays a major role.(More)
  • A Satheesh, D Kumar, A Vincent Jeyakumar, Kumar, A Vincent Jeyakumar
  • 2010
An ideal Network Processor, that is, a programmable multi-processor device must be capable of offering both the flexibility and speed required for packet processing. But current Network Processor systems generally fall short of the above benchmarks due to traffic fluctuations inherent in packet networks, and the resulting workload variation on individual(More)
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