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A probable crystal structure of konjac glucomannan (mannose:glucose ratio = 1.6) is proposed based on X-ray data and constrained linked-atom least-squares model refinement. The structure crystallizes in the mannan II polymorphic form, in an orthorhombic unit-cell with a = 9.01 A, b = 16.73 A, c (fiber axis) = 10.40 A, and a probable space group I222. The(More)
The crystal and molecular structure of a dextran hydrate has been determined through combined electron and X-ray diffraction analysis, aided by stereochemical model refinement. A total of 65 hk0 electron diffraction intensities were measured on frozen single crystals held at the temperature of liquid nitrogen, to a resolution limit of 1.6 A. The X-ray(More)
A crystal and molecular structure for GTA I, the low temperature polymorph of (1----3)-alpha-D-glucan triacetate, is proposed on the basis of X-ray diffraction analysis of well-oriented films, combined with stereochemical model refinement. The unit cell is monoclinic with parameters a = 30.17 A, b = 17.42 A, c (fibre axis) = 12.11 A, and beta = 90 degrees(More)
The crystal structure of the hydrated form of (1----3)-alpha-D-mannan, obtained by solid-state deacetylation of the partially O-acetylated mannan, was analyzed by combined X-ray diffraction and stereochemical-model refinement techniques. The structure crystallizes in a four-chain, monoclinic unit cell with parameters a = 11.33 A, b = 18.36 A, c (fiber(More)