A Sari-Kouzel

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The relative potencies of propofol and thiopentone were assessed using different indicators of induction of anaesthesia: abolition of the response to verbal commands and eyelash stimulation. Log-probit dose-response curves for these end-points were determined 30, 60 and 90 s after induction in 96 unpremedicated ASA group I patients. For propofol, ED50(More)
The use of pipecuronium in two patients with myasthenia gravis undergoing thymectomy is described. Neuromuscular function was monitored throughout using the train-of-four (TOF) mechanical twitch response. The cumulative dose-response to pipecuronium was determined in both patients during nitrous oxide-oxygen-narcotic anaesthesia. Both patients were(More)
The hypnotic effects of thiopentone, propofol and their combination were studied in 120 unpremedicated ASA group I patients. The end-point for induction of anaesthesia was taken as inability to open the eyes to command 60 s after the end of injection. The dose-response curves were determined by probit analysis. Isobolographic and algebraic (fractional)(More)
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