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The population-based incidence of rotavirus gastroenteritis in children <5 years of age in Valencia, Spain, over a 1-year period (December 1, 2003, to November 30, 2004) was determined.A total of 553 episodes of gastroenteritis in children <5 years of age (mean age, 22.8 +/- 14.5 months) were recorded (annual incidence of 138 per 1,000). A positive(More)
Smart grid is a recent proposal that intends to provide intelligence to the energy distribution infrastructure which is becoming one of the more important challenges for the industrial and scientific community in the near future. One of the main components of this smart grid is an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), which replaces the analog meters with(More)
This paper analyzes the suitability of the Middleton canonical class A distribution to model the noise amplitude in narrowband power line communications (NB-PLC). The study has been accomplished using 311 noise registers measured in the CENELEC-A band. Obtained results indicate that this model has a quite limited capability to represent the measured noise,(More)
This paper describes the process of evolution of PRIME form the early definition state to the first implementation of a SoC solution. PRIME is the Draft Standard for Power-line-Related Intelligent Metering Evolution. It is a complete draft standard for a new OFDM-based power line technology for the provision of all kinds of Smart Grid services over(More)
In this paper, the performance of actual Narrowband power line communications (NB-PLC) systems used in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is assessed. The study combines bit-rates estimations obtained from channel measurements with actual frame error rates obtained in a field trial. Performance achieved in rural, semiurban and urban environments is(More)
Smart grid is one of the most important technological initiatives nowadays. This technology is a recent proposal that uses computerized systems to improve the availability and reliability of the electricity distribution network, which main purpose is to solve the different problems derived from the increment in the number of users and power sources. Among(More)
The power line communication (PLC) is a new technology open to improvements in some key aspects. Some companies in the world provide broad band PLC devices and an increasing number of utility companies have already gone through field trials and commercial deployment of PLC services. From this experience it is necessary to decrease costs, and to improve the(More)
The preparation and self-assembly of novel G-C dinucleoside monomers that are equipped with electron-poor aryl groups at the G-N(2) amino group have been studied. Such monomers associate via Watson-Crick H-bonding into discrete unstrained tetrameric macrocycles that arise as a thermodynamically and kinetically stabilized product in a wide variety of(More)