A. Sandroos

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We present an easy to use and flexible grid library for developing highly scalable parallel simulations. The distributed cartesian cell-refinable grid (dccrg) supports adaptive mesh refinement and allows an arbitrary C++ class to be used as cell data. The amount of data in grid cells can vary both in space and time allowing dccrg to be used in very(More)
We present a numerical method, based on a three-dimensional finite volume wave-propagation algorithm, for solving the Vlasov equation in a full six-dimensional (three spatial coordinates, three velocity coordinates) case in length scales comparable to the size of the Earth’s magnetosphere. The method uses Strang splitting to separate propagation in spatial(More)
We present a new C++-based simulation framework GUST (General-Use Simulation Templates) whose development work is ongoing at our institute. GUST is mainly intended for plasma simulation and will support at least fluid (magnetohydrodynamic, MHD), particle and hybrid simulations. It makes heavy use of the C++ template mechanism and provides automatic grid(More)
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