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This paper describes IRSIM, an incremental switch-level simulator for MOS transistor circuits. In IRSIM, the circuit under simulation can be modified and then incrementally resimulated. This allows error correction and circuit operation verification to be performed in time proportional to the size of the modifications rather than the size of the entire(More)
We studied the oviposition and larval habitat preferences of the Niobe fritillary (Argynnis niobe) in the dunes of the east Frisian Island Langeoog (German North Sea). By ascertaining habitat quality we are able to assess the minimum habitat size for populations of A. niobe in dune islands. The preferred oviposition and larval habitats were best(More)
Understanding the factors that determine habitat quality is of vital importance in ensuring appropriate habitat management. Here we used the Niobe fritillary (Argynnis niobe) as a study system to analyse the larval habitat preferences in a small network of heavy-metal grasslands in western Germany. The data were compared with the results of a previous study(More)
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