A. Saleem

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Over the period September 2002-April 2003 the UK Grid Engineering Task Force and staff at Regional e-Science Centres and CCLRC deployed the Globus Toolkit GT2 at 14 sites and on approximately 80 compute resources to set up the first production-quality e-Science Grid for the UK. This work is proving to be exemplary of what can be achieved using heterogeneous(More)
BACKGROUND Microarray experimentation requires the application of complex analysis methods as well as the use of non-trivial computer technologies to manage the resultant large data sets. This, together with the proliferation of tools and techniques for microarray data analysis, makes it very challenging for a laboratory scientist to keep up-to-date with(More)
The emergence of computational and data grids has led to resources within a single organisation being exposed to other users within a 'virtual organisation' (VO) that encompasses a dynamic distributed infrastructure. Due to this dynamic nature of VOs, there is a need for an infrastructure to facilitate the management of the constituent users and resources.(More)
The Media Server Markup Language (MSML) is used to control and invoke many different types of services on IP media servers. The MSML control interface was initially driven by RadiSys with subsequent significant contributions from Intel, Dialogic, and others in the industry. Clients can use it to define how multimedia sessions interact on a media server and(More)
Recent advances in high performance distributed computing have led to the emergence of computational and data grids. The resources within a single organisation are being exposed to other users within a 'virtual organisation' (VO). The VO encompasses a dynamic set of distributed resources, a distributed user base and a distributed management infrastructure.(More)
A Research Design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy procedure. Research Design is needed because it facilitates the smooth sailing of the various research operations. Tools for data collection method, to give the result and testing hypothesis,(More)
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