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The postulate of a <(local eonnection~) in a [3] charge space leads to the introduction of three spin one fields. One of these can be identified with the electromagnetic field and the other two can be shown to mediate all known weak interactions, thus unifying these interactions with electro-magnetism. The theory takes account of the fact that weak(More)
In 1973 two Salam protégés (Derek Capper and the author) discovered that the conformal invariance under Weyl rescalings of the metric tensor g µν (x) → Ω 2 (x)g µν (x) displayed by classical massless field systems in interaction with gravity no longer survives in the quantum theory. Since then these Weyl anomalies have found a variety of applications in(More)
A geometric formulation which describes extended supergravities in any dimension in presence of electric and magnetic sources is presented. In this framework the underlying duality symmetries of the theories are manifest. Particular emphasis is given to the construction of central and matter charges and to the symplectic structure of all D = 4, N –extended(More)
OBJECTIVES Spousal violence is common and results in costly problems both for society and for the reproductive health of women. Despite the recognition that violence may be associated with serious consequences for women's reproductive health, our understanding of the relationship between the two remains limited. In this study, we assessed the association(More)
A large number of people experience traumatic brain injury each year, often with severe consequences. This is a public health problem that requires ongoing surveillance to follow trends in the incidence, risk factors, causes, and outcomes of these injuries. In 2003, a prospective study of all children below 15 years admitted to hospitals with a diagnosis of(More)
We investigate geometrical properties of the random K-satisfiability problem. For large enough K, we prove that there exists a region of clause density, below the satisfiability threshold, where SAT assignments are grouped into well separated clusters. This confirms the validity of the clustering scenario which is at the heart of the recent heuristic(More)
The best candidate for a fundamental unified theory of all physical phenomena is no longer ten-dimensional superstring theory but rather eleven-dimensional M-theory. In the words of Fields medalist Edward Witten, " M stands for 'Magical', 'Mystery' or 'Membrane', according to taste ". New evidence in favor of this theory is appearing daily on the internet(More)
Motivated by discussions of wrapped branes in the AdS/CFT context, we investigate globally supersymmetric counterparts of standard Poincaré supersymmetric SYM theories on curved space-times admitting Killing spinors and find two families of theories in all dimensions less than six and eight respectively. The former differs from the standard theory only by(More)
T-cell costimulatory blockade as a constituent for recipient conditioning prior to bone marrow transplantation has led to the development of less toxic protocols for the establishment of donor cell chimerism. We therefore hypothesized that the addition of the hematopoietic growth factor, Flt3-ligand (Flt3-L), to the perioperative inhibition of the CD28/B7(More)