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In this paper the document as a container environment paradigm is explored. Utilizing this paradigm a platform neutral prototype control system design environment is being developed which uses a document as the user interface. This document acts as the integrator of various tools. A JavaBeans component based solution, allows the environment to be extended(More)
WWW has prompted development of diverse technologies such as Java, HTML, XML etc. to enable presentation and propagation of information via documents and their active contents. Documents on the web present themselves as the containers of the various kinds of media to transfer information. This has provided a springboard for Java to quickly become a popular(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method for Objects indexing in three dimensions. We need to define our signature based on a 3D shape descriptor. We have to decompose the 3D-models into Spherical Squares Surfaces. The aims of the method are to minimize, the processing time on the 3D objects database and the searching time of similar objects to a request(More)
Most conventional design processes produce documentation as a by-product: design is done within an environment or collection of tools and the design outputs, models, diagrams, results, etc are gathered together along with commentary (usually with hindsight) into some kind of document at the end of the process. Inspired by ideas taken from literate(More)
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