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  • Nadia Alsaidi, Mustafa Saed, A. Sadiq, Ali A. Majeed
  • 2015
NTRU is a public key cryptosystem operating on the ring Z[X]/(X 1), which is known as the ring of convolution polynomials of rank N, where N is a prime. Reducing the decryption failure probability is a big challenge associated with such type of cryptosystem and is related to the ring that NTRU is based on. In this paper, a new multidimensional public key(More)
This paper presents a simulation of the speed control of a separately excited direct current motor (SEDM) using fuzzy logic control (FLC) in Matlab/Simulink environment. A fuzzy logic controller was designed to vary the motor’s speed by varying the armature voltage of the separately excited DC motor in the constant torque region (below the rated speed). The(More)
We have obtained encouraging results in our previous work which consists in feeding the group of Haar-like features created by Viola and Jones by others rotated by any angle. This motivated us to re-feed this group of features by others which are asymmetric. To test the performance of this method, we used the two UMIST and CMU-PIE bases of images, which are(More)
Developing1 accurate entity linking systems is essential for the semantic annotation of Web of Things data. The Entity linking (EL) task aims at linking a piece of data called mention from a source document to the entity it represents in a knowledge base. Since a mention could refer to different entities, a disambiguation step should be performed leveraging(More)
In this paper, we propose a new method for Objects indexing in three dimensions. We need to define our signature based on a 3D shape descriptor. We have to decompose the 3D-models into Spherical Squares Surfaces. The aims of the method are to minimize, the processing time on the 3D objects database and the searching time of similar objects to a request(More)
Typhoid fever, caused by Salmonella typhi, is characterized by gastrointestinal illness and fatal bloody diarrhea. The emerging epidemic cases and resistance of this bacterium to broad spectrum antibiotics demands the development of new anti-typhoid drugs. In this study, oxadiazole has been synthesized with significant anti-Salmonella activity. This(More)
Abstract—Transmission system performance analysis is vital to proper planning and operations of power systems in the presence of deregulation. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are often used as measure of degree of performance. This paper gives a novel method to determine the transmission efficiency by evaluating the ratio of real power losses incurred(More)
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