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I n the November 1999 issue of Stroke, an ad hoc committee of the Stroke Council of the American Heart Association published a supplement to the guidelines for the management of transient ischemic attacks. In this update, we failed to comment on a potentially important subgroup analysis of the Ticlopidine Aspirin Stroke Study (TASS) and neglected to mention(More)
in plastic microwells have this gene expression panern, suggesting that a pliant substrate enables MuSC expansion. Allhough gene expression data are suggestive, an in vivo functiona l assay is nee-essary to conclude definitively that a self-renewal division event occurred in culture. We show conclusively that stem cell self-renewal occurs using an in vivo(More)
(1938). Blood and spinal fluid magnesium and calcium levels in epilepsy and convulsive states. Audiogenic fits produced by magnesium deficiency in tame domestic Norway rats and in wild Norway and Alexandrine rats. Amer. of cations in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid following infusion of solutions of salts of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. A study(More)
  • Sacco, Mcintyre Db, Jones Da
  • 2006
One of the fundamental properties of skeletal muscle, the force-length relationship (FLR), originally served as primary evidence for the sliding filament model of force generation (4). Past work has examined factors that may affect a muscle's FLR, with evidence that the force depression of fatigued muscle correlates with a rightward shift in the muscle's(More)
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