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A control-theoretic perspective on the design of distributed agreement protocols, " Int.tolini, " Model predictive control schemes for consensus in multi-agent systems with single-and double-integrator dynamics, " IEEE Trans. Constructing consensus controllers for networks with identical general linear agents, " in AIAA Stability analysis and decentralized(More)
Falls are a major health hazard for the elderly and a serious obstacle for independent living. Since falling causes dramatic physical-psychological consequences, development of intelligent video surveillance systems is so important due to providing safe environments. To this end, this paper proposes a novel approach for human fall detection based on(More)
Computational structure of cellular automata has attracted researchers and vastly been used in various fields of science. They are especially suitable for modeling natural systems that can be described as massive collections of simple objects interacting locally with each other, such as motion detection in image processing. On the other hand, extraction of(More)
A set of necessary and sufficient conditions under which a general H 2-optimal control problem has a unique solution is derived. It is shown that the solution for an H 2-optimal control problem, if it exists, is unique if and only if (i) the transfer function from the control input to the controlled output is left invertible, and (ii) the transfer function(More)
Introduction to a behavioral approach for continuous-time systems. Abstracts Wetenschappelijke publicaties On the solution of an integral equation arising in potential problems for circular and elliptic disks. A reachability test for systems over polynomial rings using Gröbner bases. Nonlinear disturbance decoupling and linearization: a partial(More)
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