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BACKGROUND Mechanisms governing the normal resolution processes of inflammation are poorly understood, yet their elucidation may lead to a greater understanding of the pathogenesis of chronic inflammation. The removal of apoptotic cell material and their potentially histotoxic contents is a prerequisite of resolution. Engulfment by macrophages is an(More)
Changes in the glycomic profile can significantly affect the cells' communication with the environment. Plant lectins have so far been used to address the issue as to whether the courses of apoptosis or necrosis are associated with such alterations. We, here, initiate the study of members of the family of functionally pleiotropic human galectins in this(More)
Glycans cover the surfaces of all mammalian cells. Their structural variety provides enormous potential for information storage and transfer. According to the concept of the sugar code, they act as biochemical signals decoded by a large number of lectins which are defined as sugar binding proteins. The importance of glycan-lectin interaction in diverse(More)
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