A. S. Zoolfakar

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This project focuses on the effect of annealing temperature to electrical properties of deposited Zinc Oxide (ZnO) thin film. ZnO solutions made from Zinc acetate dehydrate (ZnAC), 2-Methoxyethanol and monoethanolmine (MEA) are deposited onto glass substrates using spin coating technique. Deposited films are annealed at various temperatures from 350degC to(More)
In this research, holes mobility enhancement is studied using Silicon Germanium, SiGe technology. SiGe is deposited on silicon substrate to increase carrier mobility in the device thus will increase the drive current too. The main focus of the research is to investigate the effect of using SiGe on holes mobility. In addition, variation thicknesses of SiGe(More)
This paper described about design, fabrication and characterization of conductivity sensor using printed circuit board (PCB). The main objective is to sense the conductivity of aqua agriculture. A sensor was design by using interdigital capacitor concept where the term interdigital refers to pattern of fingers that is resembled by the shape and relative(More)
This paper presents a study of Planar Fringing Electric Field (FEF) as a pH sensor. Fringing Electric Field or FEF is widely used as a structure to detect capacitance in material under test (MUT). The study is carried out using Inter Digital Capacitor (IDC) technique on Printed Circuit Board (PCB). This study is to investigate the effectiveness of using IDC(More)
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