A. S. Vlasov

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The localization of excitons on quantum-dot-like compositional fluctuations has been observed in temperature-dependent near-field magnetophotoluminescence spectra of InGaAsN. Localization is driven by the giant bowing parameter of these alloys and manifests itself by the appearance of ultranarrow lines (half-width <1 meV) at temperatures below 70 K. We show(More)
Compound K is used in the p h a r m a c e u t i c a l c h e m i c a l industry for the production of the medic inal p r e p a ra t ions meta t s in , aminazi I , etc. [5], and is a cheap and acces s ib l e raw m a t e r i a l . The convers ion of II to III can be accompl ished by s e v e r a l paths: by the action of phosphorus oxychlor ide (65% yield) [6],(More)
Ganglion-blocking agents of s h o r t t e r m action a re used in anesthesiology for obtaining control of hypotony during surgical intervention. The most active p repara t ion of this s e r i e s is arfonad ( t r imethanecamphorsulfonate , methioplegium, thiofanium}, viz. D-3,4(1 ,3-dibenzyl-2-oxoimidazol ino)1 ,2t r imethylenethiophanium d-camphorsul(More)
INTRODUCTION Tactic of emergency closing of soft tissue defect allows to significantly improve the treatment results concerning patients with severe open fractures. However, a number of certain factors make the implementation of this tactic rather difficult. Injured people's unstable conditions are mong these crucial factors which include, polytrauma in(More)
Previous invest igat ions of the c h e m i s t r y and pharmaco logy of quinuclldine de r iva t ives have pe rmi t t ed the c lar i f ica t ion of s eve ra l pr inc ip les of the behavior of this c l a s s of subs tances assoc ia ted with the s t e r e o c h e m i s t r y of the quinuclidine molecu les and, in par t i cu la r , with the absence of shielding(More)
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