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A high biological effectiveness of bread enriched with microbiologically synthesized lysine has been proved in experiments on rats which were fed with this bread. Optimum lysine concentration for bread enrichment has been determined. The biological value of bread proteins with respect to all growth parameters increased proportionally, within the range of(More)
Combined product containing soybean isolate 500E (produced by "Ralston Purine Company", USA) were clinically used in 16 patients with hyperlipidemia, type II. The results obtained evidenced a high assimilability (95.5-95.9%) and pronounced hupocholesterolemic effect of the soybean isolate when it was used as a substitute for 2/3 or 1/2 protein volume in the(More)
Experiments on nephrectomized rats were made to compare the effect of oral and intravenous feeding on the degree of uremia and general status of the body. Intravenous feeding which included only essential amino acids as nitrogenous component or an insufficiently balanced mixture of essential amino acids and several replaceable amino acids (9.5% of energy(More)
Based on nitrogenous balance studies performed under the clinical conditions in patients with chronic pancreatitis given the diet with different protein content (80, 120 and 150 g/day) it is recommended that the optimal protein quota should be equal to 114-120 g/day in the diets intended for patients' population in question.
A comparative clinical evaluation was made of the biological effectiveness of protein components in the composition of three types of diet for patients with fractures of the mandible who had received "Ensure" (USA), a product for complete tube feeding; an experimental sample developed at the Institute of Nutrition, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR;(More)
Postoperative feeding with a special-purpose foodstuff Ovolact proved superior to tube feeding in patients on after treatment following surgical correction of congenital jaw defects. This was evident from assessment of anthropometric and protein metabolism parameters. Nitrogen metabolism underwent positive changes reflecting the product value for(More)
Experiments on Wistar male rats were made to study the biological value (with the use of the "growth" method) of basic and protein- and crystalline amino acids-enriched protein hydrolysates. Autolysine and protein hydrolysates obtained from formed elements of the blood of slaughtered animals (the degree of degradation 30 and 70%) and a mixture of(More)
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