A S Towhidul Alam

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We have investigated the effect of the alkaloid ryanodine on the release of intracellularly stored Ca2+ in response to activation of the osteoclast Ca2+ receptor by the surrogate agonist, Ni2+, Ni2+ (6 mM) in the presence of ethylene-glycol bis-(aminoethyl ether) tetraacetic acid (EGTA) (1.2 mM) and valinomycin (5 microM) induced a transient elevation of(More)
We report the effects of tetracycline analogues on cytosolic Ca2+ transients resulting from application of ionic nickel (Ni2+), a potent surrogate agonist of the osteoclast Ca2+ "receptor". Preincubation with minocycline (1 mg/l) or a chemically modified tetracycline, 4-dedimethyl-aminotetracycline (CMT-1) (1 or 10 mg/l), resulted in a significant(More)
We report the effects of the tetracycline analogues 4-dedimethylaminotetracycline (CMT-1) and minocycline on osteoclast spreading and motility. Both agents influenced the morphometric descriptor of cell spread area, rho, producing cellular retraction or an R effect (half-times: 30 and 44 minutes for CMT-1 and minocycline, respectively). At the(More)
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