A S Sokolovsky

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OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to evaluate a new optical method - photon undulatory non-linear conversion (PNC)--for use in different stages of caries detection. BACKGROUND DATA Caries should be considered an infectious disease managed by risk assessment, early detection, and preventive therapies, rather than simply "drilling and filling." (More)
The necessity of more thorough description of electromagnetic field is substantiated for the problems of quantum optics. An attempt to construct the correlation functions of emission generated by a superfluorescent system of Dicke type is done. Operator evolution equations for a system of two-level emitters interacting with electromagnetic field lead to(More)
In the present work we describe the histology of skin tumours of the black plaice Pleuronectes obscurus from Amursky Bay, the Sea of Japan. The epidermis forms numerous papillary folds protruding above the skin surface and supported by delicate branches of connective tissue. This type of neoplasm is classified as epidermal papilloma. The occurrence of(More)
Basic kinetic equation and kinetic equation for the total quasispin of an emitter subsystem have been obtained for the Dicke Hamiltonian modified with terms describing the motion of emitters in the framework of the reduced description method. A way to estimation of loss influence is outlined
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