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Data obtained from a cross-sectional population study of men aged 20-54 years and results of a morphological epidemiological examination of the aorta and coronary arteries of 507 men aged 20-59 years, deceased from various causes in the city of Tallinn, were analysed to find whether there is a relationship between the prevalence of ischaemic heart disease(More)
  • A S Semenov
  • 2003
The purpose was to study the interrelation between effectiveness of the dynamic proprioceptive correction (DPC) of static and locomotor disorders at the late residual phase of children's cerebral paralysis (CCP) with the help of "Gravistat" and the auto-immune reactions (AIR) to neurospecific proteins (NSP). Data of an original method of AIR evaluation by(More)
In the paper, two classes of involutive divisions related to admissible monomial orderings—≻-divisions and ≺-divisions—are considered. The latter may be viewed as an improvement of the class of induced divisions introduced in [1]. The continuity and constructivity of the ≺-divisions, as well as a number of additional properties of the ≻-divisions, are(More)