A S Savel'ev

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To analyze protein degradation in mitochondria and the role of molecular chaperone proteins in this process, bovine apocytochrome P450scc was employed as a model protein. When imported into isolated yeast mitochondria, P450scc was mislocalized to the matrix and rapidly degraded. This proteolytic breakdown was mediated by the ATP-dependent PIM1 protease, a(More)
The biogenesis of the ATP-dependent PIM1 protease of mitochondria was studied by mutational analysis. The ATPase and proteolytic activities of PIM1 were shown to be essential for mitochondrial function. A proteolytically inactive mutant form of PIM1 protease accumulated as a pro-form in mitochondria, revealing a two-step processing of PIM1: the matrix(More)
Recombinant DNA was constructed providing hypersynthesis of a hybrid protein with a MRGSH6GIR sequence preceding the NH2-terminus of the bovine cytochrome P450scc precursor (6His-pP450scc) in Escherichia coli cells. A large-scale procedure for isolation and purification of this protein was elaborated. 6His-pP450scc was imported into isolated rat liver(More)
It has been found that a recombinant cytochrome P-450scc precursor supplemented with an extra MRGSH6GIR sequence at the NH2-terminus (6His-pP450scc) is imported into isolated rat liver and heart mitochondria as well as into yeast mitochondria. The import is coupled with proteolytic processing of the precursor resulting in the mature size form of cytochrome(More)
An Escherichia coli strain providing hypersynthesis of a recombinant cytochrome P450scc precursor supplemented with the extra MetArgGlySerHis6GlyIleArg sequence at the NH2-terminus (6His-pP450scc) has been constructed. A procedure for isolation and purification of 6His-pP450scc from the cell homogenate has been elaborated. It has been found that the(More)
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