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Processes obeying heavy-tailed symmetric alpha-stable (SalphaS) distributions have been shown to describe well many natural phenomena in radio engineering, acoustics, communications, etc. For processing such data, one needs to apply robust estimators and the methods based on a sample myriad are considered quasi-optimal ones. Sample myriad estimation(More)
The estimation task of tail heaviness parameter p of generalized Gaussian distribution is considered. Two simple p estimators on basis of kurtosis and its robust modification, percentile coefficient of kurtosis, are proposed and their accuracy is analyzed. Based on the obtained results, two new p estimators are developed employing hard threshold and(More)
Wigner distribution (WD) is known to be one of the most convenient time-frequency representations for FM signal analysis in Gaussian noise environment. However, in case of impulsive interferences, WD occurs to be non -robust to noise. For improving robustness of the WD, it is proposed to use filtering approach based on the clipping technique. It can be(More)
The task of location parameter estimation by means of adaptive censored procedure in SαS noise environment is considered. Based on the carried out research it is proposed to use the percentile coefficient of kurtosis and median absolute deviation as parameters able to describe processes with SαS pdf in case of absence of a priori knowledge(More)
Micro-Doppler (mD) radar is an efficient tool for surveillance systems and they are rapidly developing now [1]. One reason for this is the potential ability of mD radars to provide additional information (features) useful for recognition of objects extracted from short-time spectral or higher-order estimates [2]. In particular, it is known that a signal(More)
A task of time delay estimation for wideband signals in non-Gaussian environment is considered. An approach based on robust processing of cross-spectrum estimates for elementary intervals is proposed and shown to perform better than conventional approach for noise modeled as symmetric α-stable process.
The challenges that medical service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation faces cannot be solved without a new qualitative approach to military and medical support. In order to create a complete organizational system of the medical support, consisting of united process of material flow management and management of accompanying elements, the.(More)
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